The project is systematically conducting oral history interviews and collecting material from local sound, image and newspaper archives.  The collected material is organised and stored in digital format, in close collaboration with our project partner, the Laboratory of Oral History and Image (LABHOI) at the Federal Fluminense University.

Given the advanced age of the masters of the first and second generations which are still alive, and the absence of dedicated capoeira archives or libraries, the project aims to rescue this rich memory and make it accessible to practitioners and a wider interested audience.

The results of the research and the contributions of consultants and other collaborators will be made available on this project website. If you would like to contribute with photographs or audio-visual material from the years 1948-82, or write a blog about a relevant topic, please get in touch through the email capoeirahistory at gmail.com.

This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council – AHRC, 2018-2019 and based at the University of Essex.


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